Best practice for creating 1 to 1 scale PDFs for emailing?

I’d like to email my friend a paper templates of my SketchUp drawing…
Obviously, this needs to print out 1 to 1 scale on his end.

What is the best practice for doing this?

I would use LayOut for this. It’s designed for that. Create scenes that show your model as you need to display it in the PDF. Make sure for views that require scaled output that you set the camera to Parallel Projection. Then send to LayOut. Choose an appropriate paper size in File>Document Setup>Paper so that your viewports will fit on the page at the 1:1 scale. You can either right click on the viewport and choose Scale or set the scale in the SketchUp Model panel. You’ll also probably want to set the render type to Vector or Raster.

You can add dimensions, labels, and other notes on the pages.

Once you have your pages set up, go to File>Export and export the PDF file to send off.

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When doing a PDF export you can click Options and enter a scale. Before doing this I’d advise you to resize the viewport to contain just what you want to export, to better keep within the paper.

You need to make sure that the end user will print to scale too.
Even if you export to scale it doesn’t necessarily mean that the end user will have their print settings set correctly.

If the LO file is exported as A3 for example, then the page must also be printed out as such.
With settings selected to ensure no scaling at point of printing.


Very valuable instruction re end user thank you!

I definitely need to spend some time with Layout…

Yeah. I would agree.