Best or favorite animation plugins?

My previous search for the above topic found entries several years old.
Does anybody have recent information to share for their favorite animation plugins?


Look at Animator by Fredo6. at Sketchucation.

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I have been using the beta versions of Fredo6’s Animator for a few weeks. I’m loving it. The beta versions up through v1.7d had serious performance issues with a moderately complex model (1 million edges, few hundred thousand faces, a thousand group or component instances), which made it painful. But Fredo released v1.8a a week or so ago which made a huge improvement to performance. Animator has a lot of nice features. Fairly easy to use after some initial modest learning or experimenting. Fredo has a number of videos on his Fredosix YouTube channel which help learning the extension. Some of them are with earlier versions that don’t quite match the current GUI, but it’s still helpful.


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