Best extension options for building decking




A colleague of mine is building a deck at home and is looking to create a cut list from his components. Although I have been using Skp for over a decade it’s not something I ever looked at myself.

There are so many plugins and good references I am overwhelmed with what options to show him. Anybody got some good tips of what to use?

Ideally it’s simple enough to get used to in an hour or so, and potentially can export to excel. It can be free or paid (within reason, this is only a small home project so I would say not more than £30).

Thanks in advance.



I like the CutList extension by Steve R which is available in the Extension Warehouse. There are others but they seem to be needlessly complex for most jobs.

CutList will export a CSV file which can be opened in Excel or whatever. If you want a hand with it, let me know.


Cheers I will send this to him now to check out, yes some of them seem very complex and not needed so did not want to put him off. I will get back to you when we get stuck!


You might want to look at Deck Builder it can autobuild decks for you, you may not want that but it can be a way of checking out different ideas quickly.


Thanks I will let them know, if you have any other deck building Sketchup kung-fu let me know.


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