Benefits of working with only components


A modal window is a window that coves its parent window and prevents any interaction with it (and pauses execution of the thread). If you enter “UI.messagebox(“Text”)” in SketchUp’s Ruby console a modal window will show up.

Maybe the window you are describe isn’t truly modal but it sounds similarly distracting.


Here’s a screenshot of it. As I said above, quite clunky.


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@eneroth3 Julia, I wish I had your facility to write code. All that is needed is a modest notification when you open a component to remind you that it is a component. The word component would do. You don’t need to be told how many instances because Entity info tells you that. You certainly don’t need a window taking up so much real estate with traffic lights etc. Any such notification should disappear automatically as soon as you start on the next command as it will have served its purpose by then.


But I make my cabinet doors/drawers open with “on click”. I think using Components is the only way to do that. I just created a cabinet with opening drawers as a Group (I exploded the components). Believe it or not, when I copy/paste the group it STILL is linked to the original (opening a drawer on the one opens the original), UNTIL I open it once. Then it becomes a unique group but with the same name. Quirky.

Another reason I use components is to export a parts list, though it no longer works since SU “upgraded” the “Generate Report” (no longer puts each part on it’s own line).

In any case, the simple solution is to keep an eye on the number of components in the “edit info” panel (or use “Edit Flag”.


There is a trick that I regularly use when I work on several versions of a project in the same model :
I lock previous versions (select> right click> lock)
So sketchup systematically asks me if I want to make unique, even for nested components.

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Use group by:


Thanks Mike! That solved my problem. I didn’t realize I could control the “concatenated” strings that way. I was able to separate parts that we’re different in one dimension (x,y or z).

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Very clear explanation - thank you!