Designing with one type of construction material

If one wanted to design something that was made of one type of material, does sketchup have any utilities to help?

For example, if I wanted to design a climbing frame for the kids, and planned to build the whole frame out of 75x75mm timber posts [obviously various lengths that I’d cut, but all 75x75mm posts] - does Sketchup offer any features to make this easier? like some sort of constrained pattern so that that the only cross section I can draw is a 75x75mm section.

I’ve tried searching, but everytime I use the term ‘material’, all I see are things about surface material libraries, which isn’t quite what I wanted.

Thanks, Ace

You could use a group or component and make sure to only scale it along its longitudinal axis.

As Eneroth3 says, make one piece with wood grain on sides and end grain texture on end.
I would suggest making it a group ( not a component) as I think you will be altering each piece to make them unique anyway?
When editing the group, I would grab the end geometry and move the end to length. As you can see in the example, if you use the scale tool it will distort the scale of the wood textures on the side.

Add your textures are a little bigger than the piece, that way you can slide them around a bit so each has a unique look otherwise it can look like the same piece of wood.

I am not sure if the OP means ‘material’ in the sense of a texture or component/things you buy.

You could just draw a 75x75 square, Push/Pull it a height and adjust the Scaling in the Dynamic components (Your profile does not indicate what version you use)
Then use Generate Report for the Cutlist…

This is brilliant, and really useful advice, thanks very much.

I am not sure if the OP means ‘material’ in the sense of a texture or component/things you buy.

I meant more the latter. e.g I frequently try and make simple things out of one sort of material [e.g stuff for my BBQ, all out of 10mmx10mm box section]

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It’s such a trivial thing to draw a square and extrude it to length that you might find it’s more work accurately moving and rotating copies of a component around the model space than it would be to just draw what you need where you need it.