Beginner friendly curved pillows / organic shape

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a curved pillow that slouches over a corner unit sofa. [please check image attached]. I am a beginner learner but my boss wants me to do this now.

As you can see, in both images, the white pillow sort of slouches over the corner unit. That’s what I need to somehow create freaks out on que. I tried to create a side profile but it looked horrible, which I had to delete as soon as.


Any who, can anyone suggest how I can approach this?

What extensions/plugins did your boss provide you with?


Lol none. For this task, my boss doesn’t really know CAD, but he understands technical drawings. So I’m filling in the gaps to try to understand and complete every objective.

From watching countless of videos, I just installed Clothworks and I’ve just checked “extension manager” as I have the rounded corner plug in, which I believe the old worker that used to work where I am has installed before.

It would help, if you can suggest which plug-in I may need so I can see tutorials.

Please and thank you.

The names of the extensions appear in the upper left corner