[BEGINNER] Fastest way to make the same hole on opposite face?



I’m a beginner, can someone help to find a way to make the exact same rectangle hole on the opposite face ?
What’s the best way to do this.
I want the exact same hole, the fastest way I knew was to do the hole when it was still in “2D” but now my rectangle is in 3D.


Just push the white face through with Push/Pull.

The rectangle doesn’t look like it’s a hole, yet.


I did this, but I had not the same result.
Thanks for your help.


How about uploading your SKP file? It looks to me as if you haven’t got the opposite faces parallel to each other.


Parallelism was my last concern :smile:
Probably more than one error and mistakes, as this is my very first work on Sketchup and 3D tools in general.
I took a sport gym machine as a model to train with curved rectangles and so on.
machine.skp (2.7 MB)

Edit, this is the current version :slight_smile:
sport machine 2.skp (3.0 MB)


I edited my message, I uploaded the last one.


The faces aren’t parallel which is the problem.

Probably the right thing to do is draw the part over so the faces are parallel. The faster fix would be to extrude the hole beyond the opposite side, select the geometry and right click on it. Select Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then erase the extended part of the hole and delete the face skinning over the hole on the part.


Thank you very much !


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