Help with offset intersecting holes please


Test.skp (39.0 KB)

Can someone help me figure out how to make these holes intersect? I have tried doing the intersect faces with model, but it isn’t working. I am trying to get the 3 holes to intersect, mainly the bottom of the Y would be the main hole and then the other 2 sides would be coming into and intersecting it. I know it won’t be a perfect hole at the intersection because of the offsets that I have the holes at, but I just need to open up that intersection where it meets the hole coming up from the bottom of the Y. Thanks.


Something like this?
Test2.skp (78.4 KB)


Yes except the bottom of the Y goes further in…17mm and then the other two side come in and meet that. For instance if I took a drill bit and drilled it 17mm from the bottom of the Y and then I drilled the other two sides until it opened up the hole…something like this crappy drawing I attached lol. I know the holes probably won’t open up fully when it meets the bottom hole but I just need it to open up to whatever it can while maintaining the hole shape for the bottom hole.


The holes are not at the same height. If you want to took holes, they will have to be inclined, right?


Yeah they’re offset, Yeah just like your picture.


Then the holes should look like that
Test1-16.skp (72.9 KB)


Yeah that looks good, just need the bottom hole to open up… I attached a picture, hopefully you can make it out. You can see that the holes intersecting don’t open up fully…thanks for your help!


Test1a-16.skp (67.8 KB)
See in forum: “Dave’s method” to understand why I create a copy (component) at large scale (100x).


Yes! thank you! is there any place to learn how to make intersecting holes like this? I’ve been trying but every time I delete a section to open the hole up it also deletes other small sections.