Beehive Base with Beetle Trap

Beehive Beetle Trap.skp (138.8 KB)
I have gotten so far as tagging and making the first scene. I didn’t really know how to model the screen, but this will do for making purposes. The screen is supposed to have 1/16" gaps. I made it for the tray to slide out the back. The screen keeps the bees out of the tray which has either cooking oil or dish water soap mix to kill hive beetles and varroa
mites. The right breed of bees like Minnesota Hygienic will chase beetles who fall to escape into the tray. Insects can’t breath when covered by oil or soap. It’s important to keep the bees out or they will die too. So dimensions are important.


Beehive Beetle Trap (1).skp (335.8 KB)
All scenes have been updated with notes and dimensions. Additionally, once made, it should
be painted.