Box for Woodpeckers Paolini 8" pocket rule and stop

I recently acquired my first Woodpeckers tool - a special edition 8" pocket rule.

Their tools are gorgeous, but very expensive, and this didn’t come with a box.

So I used Sketchup to design one, and then made it.

Here was the model:
Woodpeckers Paolini 8in rule and stop.skp (992.5 KB)

And the finished box:

I had thought I might need ‘cylinder hinges’ to connect the top and bottom, so I drew some of them, too - uploaded to 3D Warehouse a short time ago.

But I found that the small button magnets held the two together well enough that I don’t need the hinges. By forcing the top magnets to protrude by half their thickness, I got the top and bottom to register well, and the magnets then hold the two parts together.

Cylinder hinges come in a range of sizes (the diameter of the cylinder that fits into a hole in the wood) - at least 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 24mm.

I drew a single size - 12mm, of which I had a pair (too big for this project) - but they should scale uniformly to approximate other sizes very closely.


Here’s a link to the 3D warehouse model.


Yeah I have one of them also. I like the model. And yes the tools are top notch.

They are, aren’t they? But they are expensive to start with, and normal shipping to the UK adds another $30-40. But I had this one shipped to my grandson in the US, and he brought it with him on a short visit back to the UK last week.

This is the first one I felt able to afford - ‘only’ $49.99 with free shipping to continental USA.

Nice job on fabricating the box! Looks good.

I’ve used small rare-earth magnets to help hold the lid on a small acrylic box I made some years ago to hold a collection of small (5cm square) origami paper. The magnets work well, though in my case because the installed lid is inset within the four sides of the box, the lid is somewhat intrinsically retained.

Thank you - I’m quite pleased with the result myself, but it’s nice to have others validate that opinion!