A Box for Microwave Popcorn Packets

Just a quickie I banged out for a guy.

Pine texture from a single board.


Both simple and elegant at the same time. :point_up:

Thank you sir.

Disturbingly american, shouldn’t there be a little bell on top to get the saliva running in anticipation.

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Maybe there should be a bell. At least it’s made of real wood and not termite pooop.


A closed box like this was traditionally used in these parts to store salt. The hinge was shaped from the wood in the lid.

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Beautifully executed as usual

Indeed. But can you lift the lid far enough to load it? Looks as though it would bind when just horizontal.

Perhaps bevel the top edge of the lid and either put the hinge outside, or inset it inside into the bevel?

Or add a narrow fixed cross piece on the slope above a lower lid, hinged to the crosspiece?

John, what makes you think the lid’s travel is limited? The hinge is surface mounted on the back and the edge of the lid is beveled to prevent it from fouling on the back. I don’t just leave those sorts of things to cause problems. I made sure that worked when I drew it up for the plan for the guy who is building it.

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I wuz wrong - thought the hinge line was at the lower corner of the lid. Don’t know why I thought you could get it wrong, with your experience!

Or why I interpreted the image that way, when I look at it again. Apologies all round.

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Hi looks like a bird house :wink:

BirdHouse.skp (2.6 MB)

Kind regards from Germany,

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I really like how you handled the wood surfaces. Let me understand this… you know a guy who loves microwave popcorn so much that he’s going to build a wooden enclosure to dispense them???

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Thank you.

He’s going to make them and sell them at craft shows I guess. Thinks there’s a market for them. I don’t have room on my counter for something like that and I might eat popcorn two or three times a year.

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Nice application of the pine! Beautifully done, Dave.

Here a reel hinge for you, :wink:

HINGE 8.skp (784,5 Ko)

That’s a nice continuous hinge but I don’t think it’s appropriate for this particular project. The hinges I included in the model are of a high quality solid brass hinge that is readily available here in the states.

Perhaps the continuous hinge would be appropriate if the box was made of termite excrement.:smiley:

Oh that’s ok, I send that because I see the hinge on fetserman box, but the one
I just see in your model available here to :slight_smile:

I see.