Basics again

Well, Im at it again although this time I am happy with my drawing and I did it without any major hiccups but by using outliner I see that I only have 2 end rails showing and Im not sure how I did this.
DId I not create copies and or make a component correctly ?
Thanks in advance
stand.skp (38.4 KB)

The bottom ‘end rails’ are raw geometry, not components.
Just delete them and copy the top ones down.


Thanks very much

It doesn’t work here for me as I think I have the geometry wrong, my end result of the plan is ok but I think I got there incorrectly.
In this example you can see what gets highlighted when I select “end rail” in outliner.
Unfortunately due to dimensional errors I have to redraw it but I would still like to know what is I have done wrong with the end rails

Is this your model modified after I posted my Gif?

At a guess I would say you deleted the raw geometry then opened the end rail component for editing and copied the geometry down. When you should just copy the component down without opening it. Done correctly you would see end rail four times in outliner.

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