Basic problem inserting Component

When trying to insert a Component I have created (double clicking), the OUTLINE of the Component shows up in the model, with the MOVE arrows. Then, after moving to the right place, whatever I do next, the Component just disappears with no trace of it in the model. Therefore cannot insert any of the components I made myself. Tried all kinds of shift clicks.

Difficult to be sure, but i wonder if you have the edges and faces in the component tagged with a tag that ISN’T Untagged?

And that tag is turned off? If you have added any tags of your own, or imported any with a component from the 3D Warehouse, you could have extra tags.

An alternative I’ve just thought of might be that the component is being placed somewhere off screen. Try Zoom Extents to see if that makes it visible.

Could you upload the model here? You have to save it and then download it to your computer, then upload it here.

If you do that, add the name of the component you are having trouble with.

Thank you for the advice. Very strange that now everything works well again, after making no changes to anything. Also restarted the computer but cannot imagine that was the issue, as everything is in the cloud. Anyway, just a mystery bug, all good.

There might have been something corrupted in your browser cache that a restart fixed. But that’s a not very well informed guess.

Glad it’s working normally for you now though.

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