Basic Interface/Feature Ideas + a couple little bugs to squash

LONG post incoming; A few things that would be very helpful adjustments off the top of my head after 48 hours of use.

  • Vital: An indicator for save/auto save/document saved. Preferably as a button (as in the web version) that could be pressed to ensure that the document’s current form is saved before doing a complex operation that might crash the program. (This happens to me more than I like to admit… I love me some crazy follow-me stuff). It’s a bit dodgy to have to close the document or set a timer for the auto save to make sure the file is saved properly.
  • The right click with mouse or two finger click on trackpad should still bring up the context menu, even if it pops out from it’s current location at the bottom of the screen
  • I’m guessing this is planned for a future version but I don’t see a way to save the current style preset, load a preset from elsewhere, etc. If it’s already available could someone point it out to me?
  • The view settings menu is sadly small, and I found many of the viewing options under the styles menu instead… that layout is ok, but in using the web version for a couple years now I’ve gotten used to quickly switching axes/hidden objects/section cuts/planes, etc. and also deleting all guides, all from that convenient view menu. I found that all-in-one approach far superior and more efficient for touchscreen/mouse use.
  • Vital: As just mentioned above, there doesn’t seem to be a delete all guides button… I’m super guide-happy in my interior design modeling approach and while the eraser with Apple Pencil for accuracy is super nice I need my quick button back. If I’m missing where this is please correct me!
  • Vital: The soften/smooth pallet seems to be missing altogether, or again I may just be missing it. This is a vital tool and I use it constantly for crown molding and other profiles after follow me, and also for changing the softness/hardness of models from the 3d Warehouse.
  • The Auto shape guide is AWESOME. It’s fantastic for doorways window openings, basic starting shapes, etc. It even does a decent job of predicting the snap/inference points I’d like it to use. I see myself using it constantly for many things, at least for the flat shapes and the basic 3d Geometry. On the other hand… The live components part needs a little work. The doors and windows need to be able to cut the wall they are in. At least the one layer, but it would be amazing if they could cut a double layered wall like FlexTools does along with some other plugins. In the VERY LEAST they should have some easy to copy rectangle, one layer inside the object that could be pasted in place for a push pull operation.
  • It would also be exceedingly helpful if you could scale the door and window live components to fit like a dynamic component instead of having to go into the dialogue. All other options could be dialogue adjusted and I’d be happy. I’d love to impress clients with being able to pop a door or window in, but not being able to just quickly snap it to some guides or to inference points on my 2d floor plan makes this extremely cool and flashy tool needlessly cumbersome and almost completely useless to me, taking about 1-2 mins total and a lot of thinking and checking numbers to do a full setup of a door or window. If I’m in a client meeting I want this to be much quicker - almost instant, or I might as well just do my current rudimentary “rectangle perfectly snapped to plan, push-pull through, 3” frame offset, 1” pushpull for the frame” which takes me about 15 seconds and is at least to the right scale.

Now for the odd bug or two:

  • The “combine textures” feature seems to not work at all for me. It’s not the feature so much as the pop up to choose whether to keep lines/delete inside lines/cancel. As soon as it pops up (mouse and keyboard) I can highlight the three buttons but none of them allow me to click, and neither finger tap nor Apple Pencil tap has any effect. Further more, it seems to block all additional input until I quit and restart the app. (This is a situation where that easy-to-see, easy to press “saved” indicator button up top would have been a godsend)
  • If I have an action or command started using touch, or using Apple Pencil, then any movement of the middle mouse, or the trackpad to zoom or pan or orbit becomes exaggerated and completely unusable. If using touch for push pull for example, I have to only navigate with screen gestures, and cannot navigate with trackpad on my magic keyboard at the same time or it goes crazy and pans way off into the distance or zooms in to infinity, or out to 0 etc.

I’ve mainly discovered this last one because I’m loving the possible hybrid workflows of touch/keyboard and Apple Pencil/keyboard. There are certain commands that are much more efficient and precise with the pencil such as erase and paint bucket. And even some quick moves and push pulls are faster because you often can more quickly hit the inference points directly with the point of the pencil.

May edit this for grammar or clarity but I think I’ve said enough for tonight :rofl:

Also, MAD props to the entire development team for all the SketchUp products, and now the most complete and versatile mobile architectural modeling software ever made. This initial build is honestly a triumph, a masterpiece, and it does so many things 10 time better than I could have dreamed. And that is coming from a designer who’s been waiting with baited breath for an iPad native version for years.

I wouldn’t put this much time into feedback and reporting this stuff if I didn’t absolutely love this product, its hard working developers, and the whole amazing community surrounding it.

Hi @andrew.d.blood Thank you SO MUCH! for taking the time to offer up all of these incredible notes and feedback… and for those incredibly kind words! I swear… those are happy tears :sob:

A couple notes about some quick hitters here that I think will help keep you in the SketchUp for iPad fun zone…

Delete guides: When either the Tape Measure tool or Protractor tool is active, you’ll see a delete guides button in the Tool Mode toolbar. It’s the button at the top with 2 guides and a little trash can.

re; a save button. Noted. That’s something that came up in the beta and that’s on the roadmap.
re: a more fully-fledged Styles panel, with a library of in model styles etc. Noted. also the roadmap, but a bit further out.
re: styles/view settings, etc. We had some great discussions during the beta, and are noodling a concept to offer a way to pull commonly used styles/view settings out into a toolbar that could be docked to the perimeter of the screen, offering quick access to common things like view guides, hide rest of model, x-ray, etc.
re: soften/smooth panel. also on the road map. current options include using the eraser in smooth mode, or selecting all the edges while in wireframe face style and then choosing to soften from the context menu. I do understand though, why the panel is preferable. So I’m not trying to deflect, rather, just offer other options in the meantime.
re: Autoshape and Live Components – thank you so much for that feedback – I :100:% agree!!!
re: the bug reports, we’ll absolutely get those filed and be taking a look at them!


Thanks for the amazing and incredibly detailed reply and I am so glad I had just missed the guide button. I’ll be using that constantly from now on.

I’m also very glad to hear that almost all my initial minor “gripes” were already on the roadmap (though I suspected some of them might be). Is this an internal roadmap or is it available to the public? If not, then (of course) no pressure, I understand that. Magicians don’t usually list every upcoming trick in their act before the show :wink: still it would help to know if I’m bringing up known issues rather than bug you endlessly with stuff you’re already busy working on.

I don’t want to be too harsh or critical of the auto doors and auto windows btw. When it works properly and the dimensions hit close to what I was aiming for, it’s freaking awesome to see it conjured in by my apple pencil like a wizard waving a wand. I’m itching to use it on a daily basis for actual work, because I know it would blow my clients minds.

I’ll hope for some unparalleled coolness someday with that technology and make do with my speedy/low-detail but precise method for doors and windows now, possibly incorporating the auto rectangle for now since that works pretty smoothly.

One final note, if there’s still any kind of pre-release build-testing group I could join I’d be completely interested.

says “one final note” and then adds another note

P. S. For the one or two things missing here almost all are available already on the web version like soften smooth panel, and the working combine textures feature. So I’m just going to switch back and forth for the one or two tiny things till they are resolved.

To the team who poured so much love and sweat into the web app and got it working so perfectly with multi-touch trackpads, especially (finally) on iPad with magic keyboard, I see you and I appreciate you so SO much. I’ve been very happy with that and using it on my iPad Pro for many months.

That’s great news @MikeTadros