Basecamp 2018 Videos

Doe anyone have any idea when session videos from Basecamp 2018 might show up on Youtube?

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It’s likely going to be a couple months from now. We have tons of footage to go through and edit, but we’ll post the links here when they’re ready. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply. Looking forward to them.


Here is Big CAD by Duane Addy, showing how a large building company uses SketchUp in their transformation from ‘traditional’ 2D CAD to 3D:

Next up:

An edited video recording of Swedish 3D modelling studio Holygon at 3D Basecamp 2018 presenting

The Shining City - Accurate Urban Modelling for 3D Printing:

Caution: Among its currently 5500 Youtube views, this video, where Holygon explain how they use Sketchup to meticulously build empirically correct 3D-printable cityscapes, has one “thumbs-down”.

So, you’ve been warned - this video may not be for everyone.


I just watched this and I was blown away. After spending 27 years in production residential architecture and juggling hundreds of model types and options I can relate. This is a must see for Architects.


Is there a Big CAD thread somewhere on the forum? Or, does Duane Addy have a thread?

Not specifically, it is not even needed that he is a forum member. You can start a new thread, though and ask specific questions!

So four months after the event and we have 7 videos. Not complaining … the information to date is fantastic but I know there is a LOT more to come. Hard to be patient. Kind of like waiting for SU 2019.


Just watched the new video from Chris Rosewarne, very impressive!

I’m asking myself how I was able to miss all sessions published so far from Basecamp there, even though I have visited as many exellent sessions as possible. Great to be able to watch them now! Thank you…