Any 2022 3D Basecamp video

In the past there would be videos posted on youtube from basecamp sessions. Will any 2022 be available?

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There were no official videos made this year except a few short live streams from Aaron which you can find on the SketchUp YouTube channel.

Unofficial Vlogs & Interviews from 3D Basecamp 2022
If anyone has more then please share.

by Joseph Kim

by Adebeo Formation SketchUp


Thanks Renderiza,
I had seen the Joseph Kim videos, but the Adebeo stuff was new to me, he at least captured a few players - thanks!
I think it’s a shame (and missed opportunity) that the decision makers elected not to record all the presentations this year. I’m curious what their thinking was … are they trying to increase physical (paying) attendance by making the presentations “exclusive”?
I would think that making the presentations available some time after the event would increase the appetite to attend the next one? Will this “no video” policy be the rule from now on?
I wish Trimble would at least explain their logic …

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I think this has been mentioned a few times here, but I am happy to relay this info again. Historically, videos of sessions do not perform very well and are very demanding (they are expensive to record on-site and take weeks of editing time). We went back and forth on doing recordings this year and decided that our energy was better spent making 3DBC the best face-to-face event we could and dedicated ourselves to that effort.


@TheOnlyAaron Too bad - i was looking forward to viewing countless YouTube videos of this years 3DBC. I can imagine it takes a lot of time, effort and money. But, if you compare the number of 3DBC attendees to the number of professional and hobby SketchUp users, to me it feels like a huge missed opportunity to communicate different workflows, techniques, plugins and sharing enthusiasm for working with SketchUp. I hope for the next 3DBC this decision is reconsidered.
@indie3d thanks for the video links.


Thanks Aaron,
I guess I understand, I’m just sad I couldn’t make it this year, and was looking for a consolation prize of some sort! Oh well …

Here is a recent video posted by Adebeo Formation SketchUp about 3DBC 2022.

(Language = French)

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