Basecamp side discussion for Residential Designers and Architects

Hello All,
Looking forward to meeting everyone at Basecamp that I’ve watched and conversed with all of these years! Looking forward to some learning and trading knowledge!
Not that there isn’t going to be an amazing amount of great sessions, but in the interest of getting all we can out of Basecamp………
I am specifically interested to know if any of you that are exclusively using Sketchup and Layout for residential design and construction documents would like to organize a side chat at Basecamp for comparing notes, methods, and process.
About me: I’ve been using Sketchup for my design process since the @Last days (about 2004) and dumped AutoCad for exclusive use of Sketchup and Layout for my design and construction documents since 2012.
Some of the specific items that I’d be interested in discussing:

  1. How are we all drawing building sections?
  2. How are we all drawing and organizing construction details?
  3. Are there (dynamic) component element libraries to be shared? Doors, windows, etc.
  4. What plug ins are we using?
  5. How do we handle site plans and grading?
    Let me know who’s interested. Maybe we can bring laptops and share files. Do it at Basecamp or after hours over a drink. I have a ticket for the Wednesday to Friday sessions.

Some images of my work:


Matt Daby
m.o.daby design


Nice work. I do almost entirely residential work and been on my own since 1990. I started using SU in 2002 and been gradually doing more with it every year since. I’m still not using Layout. I do all my 2D work in PowerCADD (PowerCADD is nothing like AutoCAD, BTW. It’s best described as Adobe Illustrator if it grew into a CAD program) I’d like to see what people are doing with Layout, and at least use it for better exports from SU. I’ll be there for the full week and would love to compare notes with other architects.

I’ve got an example thread here in the Gallery section.


Hey Matt, my name is Misael and I do custom homes in Texas. I would be interested in meeting up and talking processes and ideas. I get in on Sunday and will be there until Friday afternoon. Thanks

Definitely check out Nick Sonder’s sessions if you can. And maybe listen to his podcast beforehand :slight_smile:

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Thanks Caroline. I am very familiar with Nick’s process. He is doing nice work, but I’m interested in what other’s are doing as well, that maybe haven’t had the same exposure as Nick. :slight_smile:
Within the architecture community I think it is still rare to find people exclusively using Sketchup/ Layout for their process, all the way from Schematic Design to Construction Documents. I’d like to contribute to expanding the discussion within that community. Compare my process with others, etc.

I’ve also listened to all of the Sketchup Talks and always look forward to new ones. Love your show!