Barndominiums - Anyone else working on them?

Is anyone else working on Barndos?


No, but my work is timber frame and custom timber frame homes. I work with a range of clients from owner to small shops fabricating by hand to large shops using CNC.

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Cool. Do you have any pics to share?

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I did a hybrid timber frame barn addition once in the spirit of “Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn,” but I’ve been wondering when industrial metal buildings would start being used for residential.

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Ive done a few. Some Red Iron, some start out as post and frame but once I show the customer that the post and frame uses almost as much material as a 2x6 wall and that doesnt include the inside framing they do after building the “shell” . There are many ways people build these including posts directly in the ground. All are in hopes of cutting corners to save money. Then you see people later posting in barndo groupes that they are having condensation problems because they insulated spray foam directly in the roof metal and siding. I try to help them avoid huge mistakes, some go else ware to make those mistakes thinking they know more than what has been learned in the past 100 years.

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You might want to follow along with this thread.

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