Timber Framing, looking for experienced person

I am modeling an existing structure from drawings. However, there are no as builts and have no details; just two elevations and a couple plan drawings and photos. The framer and architect are long gone.

I am doing the modeling as a favor. The structure is an operating water powered mill and is on the National historic registry.

I am hoping to find someone that could advise me on some issues I am having.

Why not post your model to date here, and describe the issues?

Or if the issues require extended one-to-one discussion, or are confidential, PM me and I’ll see if I can help with the SketchUp issues via Skype or some other video calling method.

But I’m not an architect, nor a framer, so if the issues are about practical aspects of either kind, I can’t claim practical experience of framing. Though I do a fair amount of theatre set construction and general woodworking, if that might help.

Out of curiosity, and if you are allowed to say, where is the building itself (if it still exists)?

I’ve done one hybrid timber frame with Benson Woodworking, but @bmike is a serious timber framer.

What issues need to be solved?

Any photos to do Match Photo with?

No nothing that would work for matching. Mostly, trying to resolve some inconsistencies in the drawings and figuring out missing info.

Well now I’m just a serious mouse pusher… :wink:

I’ve taken down and repaired a handful of barns, and I’ve detailed a few in SketchUp for clients from photos and bad drawings.

I might be able to help - 80% of my work is timber frame design.

I’m on holiday with the family until new years so I only have my phone with me. Post up the images and model here, or if you can’t you can send me a direct message.

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Butte Creek Mill, Eagle Point Oregon.
Use Google Maps to see photos.
YouTube to see video of its operation and history and the fire that burned it to the ground in 2016.
The Pickers, season 21, episode 1 (history channel?)

I sent a PM to you with my contact info