Need Designer for Wood/Storage Shed - CLOSED, PROJECT COMPLETED

Looking for a Sketchup designer to help us customize a 12 x 30 combination firewood storage and storage shed. Have found a basic design in the warehouse, but need to customize the last section so it is enclosed and has a door. Will also need a full cutlist of all the materials.

The drawings will be used in the building permit application process here in Ontario, Canada.

No idea what this will cost, but don’t want to have to spend a fortune.

I’ve attached the drawings from the plan that seems to be pretty close to what we’re after, hoping this can be the starting point and we can customize to suit.

Please PM or email with details and additional questions.

Thanks - Jeff

Firewood Shed.skp (634.2 KB)

I expect I could do it. Will look at your model shortly and send you a PM. You might also want to find a Canadaian to do it as they ought to be more familiar with the requirements for the documentation for permits. Whoever you choose to do it, make sure they have the appropriate SketchUp license to be able to do the work.

Thanks DaveR - quoting our local building permit department regarding the drawings:
As far as the drawings you can do them yourself as the home ower.

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OK. So not incredibly technical. They just want to see what you plan to put up.

PM sent with questions.