Bad formatting on 4k UHD displays


On a UHD 4k display (like my brand new Lenovo Y50) Sketchup Make 2015 has a couple of formatting issues. The large toolbar icons are tiny on this high-resolution display (3840x2160). I went to View->Toolbars to add my usual Toolbars and the listbox is badly formatted with each line entry overlapping the one above. I have uploaded a screen shot that shows both issues.

Setting Sketchup in High Definition laptop

this is a quote from a google search…

You need to change the display both in windows and NVidia to run at 1080p not 4k. The 4k is pretty much only useful in video/photo editing, watching blurays, and Netflix.

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There have been discussions in several places of this kind of problem, which affects Retina display Macs and new 4k Windows displays. It boils down to the fact that SketchUp does not currently understand how to handle high-dpi displays (that is, very small pixels, not simply high pixel counts) correctly. Trimble has acknowledged the issue, but there is no announced date or plan for a fix. In the mean time, as John points out, the only workaround is to lower the resolution of your display while running SketchUp if things are too small to read.


This is a huge issue. Just bought a new laptop and sketchup is horrible on it! Can’t see a thing. Hopefully there is a solution forthcoming. Also to add to the discussion. I use sketchup on a second monitor that is not high res and it still looks tiny. I would have thought it would be able to at least run fine on the other monitor. Any thoughts on this?


The crux is that developing a feature (or in this case a fix) takes long time and users benefit from the result only when the release schedule says it’s time for a new release (major or minor). So huge issues need to be noticed early enough and prioritized thoroughly.

I reported and emphasized the relevance of the issue a year ago when I got a new laptop. At that time such devices were not yet common (and maybe it was acceptable that it had no priority at that time), but it was already clear that they would become mainstream, and it would have been the right time to start working on it.


This thread is related to these two, see here for some workarounds:

If you use the 4k UHD display in combination with a second normal one, you could move toolbars and other UI over there.


Is there an update on this issue yet? @SketchUpChris do you maybe know who knows more about this?


Unfortunately, fixes just didn’t get into the SketchUp 2015 release. If you remember the release date (bottom of page), you can guess the next release.

I am convinced it won’t be the “issue of the year” 2016 (because it is already of 2015) :wink:


Unfortunately it seems that’s one of those problems associated with new tecnologies that will require some time to get fully solved… Meanwhile, I’m using this workaround, described here to correct Photoshop but that works just the same with SketchUp: