Backing-up a Classic License from 2020

I am still running a Classic License install from 2020 without support. I’d like to wipe the hard drive on my Macbook Pro, and I am curious about how to keep my license and reinstall SketchUp. Would I be able to just copy the Sketchup 2020 folder from Applications to my Google Drive, and then download it after I’ve wiped my hard drive? Thanks for any ideas. I’d ask Sketchup but they only want to talk to people with a Pro license.

You would want to open SketchUp one last time, go to the Manage License screen, and in the Classic section use the Remove License option. Make sure you’re online at the time.

To reinstall 2020 you might as well get the latest 2020 disk image from here:

Mac SketchUp 2020.2 DMG

Then add the license again.