Background blocks model when rotated past horizon

Something suddenly is causing the green background to block view of the model when I orbit below the horizon. I can’t look at the bottom of the model anymore. I have many models and can orbit in all directions with no problem. This particular model worked fine until recently. Any ideas?Frame.skp (4.8 MB)

I don’t know what the entities are, but you have 25 of them, that can’t be seen. To fix the model in Make 2017, do these steps:

  1. Drag from top left to bottom right, to select the house.
  2. Cut.
  3. Select All, Delete
  4. Edit/Paste in Place

That will fix things.

Yea, when you orbit below the ground the view gets super zoomed in on the origin for some strange reason.

Checking the model for problems (Model Info > Statistics > Fix Problems)
results in:

Results of Validity Check.

The plane equation for CArcCurve (79346) not valid. - fixed
The plane equation for CArcCurve (375832) not valid. - fixed

Then to get it to work I had to replace Colin’s step 3 with Open New model (discard changes in old model) and then the Paste In Place is done into a new empty model. After this Orbit (and Zoom Extents) begin to work normally.

Why didn’t the select all, delete work for you? You could even pause for a moment and look at Entity Info, to see that you have 25 things selected.

I did this in SU2017 as this is the OP’s version (per profile.)

I had no problem selecting the building and the cut and paste of the building into the same model did not work.

I think I misunderstood that you wanted to delete the hidden objects.
Anyway, … pasting only the visible objects into the new model works as well.

And a new SketchUp instance has the advantage that you don’t delete (yet) the entire existing model. Although for that one needs to use ‘Copy’ on the selection of good entities instead of ‘Cut’.

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As usual these days, I’m late to the party :wink:

Somehow your model came to have a face with 24 edges whose z coordinate has flown off to minus infinity. I can’t tell how that happened. When the ground plane hides this face, the model is visible. But when you orbit down to where you can see below the ground plane, SketchUp moves the camera out to infinity in an effort to show the defective face too. That causes the good parts of the model to seem to vanish.

Here’s the model with that face deleted:

Frame.skp (4.8 MB)

As a side note, your model contains only loose edges and faces despite the obviously repeated elements and numerous places where distinct items touch (which will cause them to intersect and to stick together). You should be using components. This model must be very tedious to edit!

My instructions were for pre-19.1. With 19.1 I would have said to use Edit/Invert Selection, Delete, and could skip the cut and paste in place steps.

I just tested in Make 2017, and my steps worked there too.

I wasn’t really doubting you, just sharing a way I got it to work. :wink:

Perhaps the 2 arc curves that the validity check found?

It appears to be a single circle with 24 segments. Center is out at -infinity on the z axis.

Thanks everyone, I was able to easily recover the model. J That one sure stumped me, I had done the select all and tried to paste into a new file, but of course I was carrying the corrupted entities along with it. This started to happen after I had used the Follow Me tool for the DWV pipes. That tool does funny things now and then. In any case, thanks for your help.



Ps. Yes, I should be using components, but this is a one off to help me validate my construction plan and solve a few building issues to make sure it’ll all work. I’m also only halfway proficient with SketchUp… Still learning…

One thing in my instructions could use some explaining, not everyone knows this oddity in SketchUp:

My steps said to drag from top left to bottom right. That action selects just the things that are within the rectangle you dragged, which in this case would leave out all of the far off objects that were causing the problem. If you were to drag from top right to bottom left, it would include anything that overlapped the rectangle you dragged, and that would include the bad objects.

Yep, it’s similar to AutoCAD. I usually drag from bottom right to top left to grab the entities that the rectangle touches. Doing the opposite, as you said, grabs only the entities that are fully within the rectangle. A very useful tool. It didn’t dawn on me that there were entities that were invisible or with infinite z vectors. Live and learn…



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