Axe problème SketchUp Pro 2018

I have problems with the axes, they seem to change direction. I tried to reinstall the program but the problem persists.
Who could help me?

I don’t see a problem in your screen shot. It looks exactly like I would expect. Can you provide more information?

Please also complete your profile. That information helps us help you.

It looks like you have a rectangle as group or component.
Each group or component have their own local axes. They could be in a different direction to what the systems axes are if you have rotated them.
Once you enter the group or component, you’ll see its local axes that then may differ from once you get out of that context again. It’s system axes versus local axes. Is this what you are seeing?

Or it could show that the rectangle as it is being drawn. If it is being drawn on the ground plane it should show blue edges.

The edges are supposed to show as the color of the axis normal while it is being drawn.

Thank you for your answer I thought there was a problem while trying to draw a rectangle. But this is not the case. I apologize for the inconvenience

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