Avoiding the merging of lines of different parts

I had like to have horizontal drawings of each floor of my house. I mean 2D drawings; the vertical dimension doesn’t matter. Each floor on a separated transparent (= calque). For purpose of comparison, I was beginning to draw the 2D architectural plans with SketchUp; the v.8 (French) already installed on my PC.
An issue arised when I began to draw a second floor on a separated transparent : When I try to draw a line in superposition to a line pertaining to the transparent of the first floor 1 that was drawned before, sometimes Sketchup displays a dialog box telling that it merges my new line on transparent 2 with the one of transparent 1. How to avoid that ?
Thanks in advance.

You will need to learn about layers, groups and components in SketchUp.

Layers in SketchUp are not “a separated transparent (= calque)”. For that, use Groups or Components.

Thanks for your answer, mihai.s .

I understand that practically, it was better to draw a first floor completely, and put all its lines in a group (or component). After that only, I could begin with a second floor.
I’ll review the topics on components and groups in the tutorial further.

Could you confirm that when I shall use ‘Print out’, I shall be able to select a group (floor) and print it alone ? I mean that all the groups will not be drawed.

Layers are only for visibility. Draw raw geometry on Layer 0, then create Groups (walls, floors…) and assign to layers. When you want to print only the walls, turn off the other layers.

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You can keep the edges for one of your floor plans in a component. This doesn’t mean you must draw it all at once. You can open the component for adding and changing as you go. You can begin your second plan and group the edges in a second component. This will avoid the edges and faces in the two plans from interacting.

All the edges you draw shall be on Layer0 and should remain there. However the components may be assigned to new layers, such as “Floor Plan 1” etc. Then you can hide layers so that only the plan you want to print will be visible.

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