Avoid dimension text overlaps

Currently if dimension are places close to eachother, the dimension texts overlap.
It would be nice if the is a logic that avoid this, so you don’t have to move the dimensions texts everytime the overlap

Decent feature request.

On thing you could do right now to at least reduce the number of dimensions you need to move is to swap the start and end of the dimension on the left. If you add the ‘32’ dimensions from right to left, the text will be on the left.

True, but you loose the option to continue with double clicks to add a dimension from that point…

As I said, it’s something you can do now to prevent the overlapping dimensions. At least until the feature is implemented if it is.

Another option would be to copy just that part of the drawing to a new viewport/callout and enlarge the scale such that dims don’t overlap. Then just have an overall dim (113) on the smaller scale viewport.

The problem is that this would be with all my drawing on scale 1:10. If you put dimension on a cabinet drawing with several 18mmm dimension (even with decimals… 0,0)

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