Autosave not working and very glitchy

We are doing a dream home drawing in Google SketchUp for Schools. Everyday in this 4 day project we are experiencing more and more problems with drawings being slow/glitchy. Several students have had the program go to a black screen and have lost all work and I can’t even open up an old autosaved version to start with from the day before. It’s very frustrating for both students and I as we use this program to draw out several of our projects during the semester.

Is anyone experiencing anything similar?

Are the students using components from the 3D Warehouse? If so it’s possible they made their files so huge that saves time out before they can complete. If they are using components from the 3D Warehouse, have you taught them how to purge unused components and materials from their models? Have you taught them the importance of using lightweight, clean, and properly modeled components?

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They are using 3D Warehouse components in their projects if they choose to. I will double check the sizing on the projects to see how large they are. It is odd because this has been working all year and just last week and this week we have been running into major issues.

Teach them how to purge a drawing so that they can get smaller file sizes.

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