Issues with materials and other features

Question please…my students are using SketchUp for Schools. I have many students who are experiencing glitches with the program, and I’m not sure if it’s due to the internet connection, or just the program in general but it is very frustrating. Here are some things they are experiencing:

  • A couple of students can log in to their previously created designs to add some components and things, but they cannot access Materials. They click on it and absolutely nothing comes up no matter what they do.

  • Several students save their designs and log in later only to find that some of their previous work did not save.

  • Several times students will log in and get the “log in with another account” type message. They have even had to move to a different computer in the lab to see if they can work elsewhere.

Anyone else experiencing a glitchy program? Maybe it is on our tech end? I’m not sure, but it has required us to extend project deadlines way beyond what we should because there are so many issues. I also have several students who find that the program freezes if they add only 3-4 items from the 3D Warehouse. Is this a memory type issue?

Someone please help!

One of my students had her work lost while I was helping her. I’m not really sure what happened. It might have been something she did, but it did seem to be the software’s problem. She was working on a Chromebook, which I found difficult anyway.

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