Autofold on constraining on axis geometry to an axis?

I find this behavior mostly curious and annoying rather than an impass, but why? Working on a relatively simple set of geometry where most of the edges and faces in question are on one axis or another, and you’re moving on one axis, if you actually use an arrow key to constrain the axis, it autofolds, whereas, it doesn’t if SU can infer the axis of movement naturally.
20220627 -Autofold

It depends on your selection.

In your case, the front is divided in three rectangles. It looks like you have selected only the leftmost rectangle (the long one). Since the smaller rectangle or square to the right is not selected it remains fixed and the middle rectangle has to do an Autofold to stay connected to the other two rectangles by its two vertical edges.

Can you post your skp model for us to check ?

The model is propriety, and I’ve moved on anyway. What you’re seeing is autofold not happening, then happening, then not happening as I toggle the up arrow on and off - Same model, same object, same move with and without the up arrow.

It’s not the up arrow that makes this autofold flickering. It’s when you have autofold on what makes the difference.
With autofold on SketchUp can’t ignore this to happen when the cursor hovers over a position (on screen) right above or below its starting point (over “On Blue Axis”). With autofold on you then force SketchUp to add some extra edges by the move operation. Move away from blue and the edges disappear.