What is Autofold?

I saw a Youtube video of someone using Autofold but there wasn’t narration and so I didn’t understand what it was doing. In the video the person was creating diamonds on a circular path and then copying them up and connecting them to the other diamonds. Video was called “How to make Columns in Sketchup - Design 3” by TutorialsUp. Thanks.

Autofold is a function of the Move tool. It creates creases between corners when you move a face relative to other edges. Try it for yourself. Simple model: A square within a square laying on the ground plane. Select the inner faces, Get the Move tool and while holding Alt, Move that inner face up in the vertical direction.

I seem to get what you are showing without the Alt key. What is the difference?

Actually I am constraining myself in the blue direction when I do that to lock it in.

I’d have to see your model to figure out what you’ve done differently.

What I am saying is that rather than using the Alt key, you can simply press the up arrow to lock in the direction - pick anywhere and it will produce the same thing your animation does.

Yes it does. The inference lock is relatively new while Autofold has been around for a long time. At least since SketchUp 3. There are some cases where using Inference Lock won’t work but Autofold will so knowing both is a good idea.

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Try this one …