Autocollapse in outliner


Since about a year, I have started using the outliner function instead of layers and I have found it very usefull. Every part is easily found, especialy with the abilitiy to rename the groups within.

At the moment, when I open grouped parts in the drawing, outliner automatically expands these parts in its outliner-tree, which I find usefull! However, when I exit these groups, outliner doesn’t automaticaly re-collapse these parts. That’s a bit clumsy, because, in a big drawing with many parts and groups, I completely loose the overview in no time, when going from group to group. Maybe there is some usefull reason for this, but I actually cannot image it.

This week I updated to the latest version, hoping that it would have changed, but unfortunately not.

Is this a function that’s allready implemented and that I have to turn on somewhere? Or could this be something that might be implemented in the future?

Thanks in advance,

When you updated to the latest version did you Right Click on the Downloaded file and select Run As Administrator? If not do so and Select Repair.