Outliner window always expands components and groups

This request is due to an annoyance that I have with the Outliner window. Anytime I do something that impacts the components/groups in the Outliner window, the components/groups are expanded to show all of the subcomponents/subgroups. It happens if you drag a component into another component/group or open a layer. For a simple model, this is not an issue, but for a complex model, it can take an annoying amount of time to scroll down to find something to work on. Then you hide the layer to work on something else, open the layer and close everything all over again.

hi there,

i can only second that request… the performance and the way the outliner works “could” eventually need an update :slight_smile:

this was stated on several occasions and kind of regularly also in the wishlist threads for years now…

so +1 again