Autocad to SketchUp and back again Polylines

Good afternoon,

We have a drawing which currently resides in Autocad and is made up of lots of Polyline curves. We need to ‘skew’ this drawing front a square to a rhombus. We have found a plugin within sketchup called freddo which does this no problem.

However, when we export to sketchup and then back to autocad, the polylines are replaced with splines and the perfect curves are now multiple straight lines.

Does anyone know a way around this at all?



Post a screenshot or two. That will help us see what you’re describing better.

When you use the 2D graphic option to export to DWG, all arcs and circles are converted to straight line segments.

When exporting via the 3D Model option, arcs and circles remain arcs and circles. Curves in SketchUp, whether created with native tools or Bezier plugins are really polylines consisting of straight segments and are exported as such. If you don’t want to redraw the curves in SketchUp by approximating the shape with arcs and line segments the only solution I see is to first join the lines to polylines in AutoCad (if they are separate segments) and then convert them to splines there with the Pedit>Fit Spline command.