Export to 3D AutoCAD Polygon Curve 'Bug' with Answer (Sketchup Pro 2015 Mac)

Good Morning folks,

I was going about my day designing a stencil to export to laser cut when I came across an unexpected happening.

Having erased most bits of the polygon to create my stencil, I was shocked to find that the export classified the polygon tool’s edge exactly the same as the circle tool (this i did not know at the time).

I was freaking out, having only 1-2 hours to get these stencils cut. I thought that the curves were due to a slight angling on one of the planes of my stencil models.

My eventual workaround/ solution:

Due to the nature of my repeated component tiling, I was able to replace the polygon tool curves on sketchup with lines instead. The export resulted in a non-compromised export to AutoCAD.

I hear that another solution would be to simply export to 2d. However, this slight misclassification can cause quite a bit of confusion if someone exports these lines constructed from the polygon tool as a group in an actual 3d model of a design.

Long story short: Polygon tool gets confused with circle tool curve algorithm to spit out curves where there should be none when exported to AutoCAD 3D. EDIT: Upon closer inspection it seems that they are in fact not even curves, but inaccurate polygons instead.

This -nearly- messed up my day and assignment but it all worked out in the end shrug

Well, Cheers, and have a good one guys!