Automate conversion of Autocad polylines to sketchup polygons?

Hi everyone. I do not personally use either Autocad or Sketchup but I am directing people who do and they don’t have a good answer for this. We are doing roadway design and we are looking for ways to convert Autocad plan views to Sketchup and then to Lumion. A challenge is what to do about painted lines that define lanes (white solid lines, white dotted, yellow, etc). My understanding is that both Sketchup and Lumion need all things to be polygons - even narrow 4-inch dotted lines that separate lanes.

For a road that is curving, it is very easy to define a dotted line style and get it to look right in Autocad. But making these into polygons requires breaking a line in hundreds of places, offsetting 4-inches, then creating “end caps” for each of the pieces. It seems like this “offset and endcap” process can be automated, and wondering if there is a plugin that can do this. Alternatively, if Sketchup and/or Lumion has a way to just overlay a dotted line that is not a polygon, maybe that would work. Anyone know of an easy way to show dotted lines on a road in Sketchup or Lumion? I will forward the answers to our team.

I don’t think AutoCad linetypes can be converted into SketchUp, but polylines with width do import OK.

He could turn the linetype into an editable line using WMFOUT / WMFIN commands

or set 0 the Line Weight and print to PDF, convert to DXF/DWG and import to SketchUp. Then offset to add width.