Auto update extensions


Sketchup 2017 does not have a auto update extensions feature. This feature is best for users to have the latest sketchup extensions when the developer updates the extension


Neither did SU2016 or SU2015, or…

But if you open the Extension Warehouse and log in, you’ll be notified of out of date extensions and you can choose to update them all or individually. There’s a similar option for the Sketchucation Extension Store.


SU2017 doesn’t bring me breakfast in bed or clean my toilet.


This sounds pretty good to me. Can we get this in SketchUp 2018?

But seriously, is this request so outlandish? It is much easier today than it has ever been to update extensions through the Extensions Warehouse but why can’t it be easier or better? The entire purpose of computers and and software is to make things easier for people. So, why not?


I don’t think it’s so outlandish. I was pointing out that users can easily check for and update extensions already. And they can do it when it’s convenient for them. SketchUp 2017 does alert users on start up when there are extensions from the Extension Warehouse that need updating.


I can’t think of anything worse than individual plugins alerting you to updates.


Fredo’s extensions have a popup that periodically lets you check for updates. I don’t have a firm idea of whether that’s a good thing or a bad one, but the contrast with all other extensions is striking.


The purpose of Notifications introduced in SketchUp 2017 is to show pop-ups for Extensions, so any contrast will diminsish over time as extensions implement this functionality.


That is all Fredo’s in one go and you can control how often it checks.
Can you imagine what it would be like if every plugin you had was to interrupt your work telling you there was a new version. All those plugins that you had just downloaded to test…
Most people want to work without interruption and then update when appropriate.


Also, if like me you load a ton of extensions for experimenting and then lazily don’t clean them up, the startup time for SketchUp gets progressively longer and longer as it ingests all the Ruby. Imagine if each of them was also accessing the network to see whether a newer version is available and then downloading and installing it if so! Yes, I agree that I want to decide when and if extensions get updated.


The original request says nothing about alerts. Automatic updates do not automatically require intrusive alerts. The Extension Manager already comes very close to being automatic.


Ok, so you have to wait while auto updates are done without you even choosing to do them.


That’s just one possible way to do it. There are other ways, some less intrusive, some more. We are now talking about implementations rather than the merits of the feature request. Most obviously, there could be an option to disable them.

Edit - I’m not being logical. Probably having an option wouldn’t make it an “automatic update.”


As a non developer I’ll leave it to you then.