Authoring Live Components

EDIT Live Component Authoring is in public BETA!

Head on over to and check it out!

For like-minded individuals and feedback, head over to the Creator Forum: Live Components & Trimble Creator - SketchUp Community


Hey all

We’ve mentioned that Live Component authoring might be available some time in 2021. Typically, a launch like this entails smaller private “alpha tests” followed by a larger private “beta test” before a public launch.

If you are interested in testing and authoring Live Components please fill out our Live Components Author’s form. We’ll reach out over the course of 2021 as we release authoring features which might be a good fit for your use case. Thanks for your interest.



any timetable?.. put Dynamic components development on hold anticipating Live components… maybe at best it will be the SU2022 “new feature”…

I wish I had better news but we don’t have an updated timetable yet. Still hoping for testing of authoring to start by the end of this year. It won’t be anything tied to the major release in the fall though.

~B )


Thanks for the update Bryce… maybe the team is all busy on Layout :slight_smile:


I was alerted to this post from a more recent thread (Internal Residential Door issues).

Is anyone who is not part of the Sketchup Team, and who is reading this, likely to be involved in this “testing and authoring” process?

The OP is dated November last year. In May, @Bryceosaurus advised that the process would not even begin until the end of 2021. I imagine that development “in the field” like this is probably a long haul affair. In short, don’t hold your breath!

It’s begging the question, but it seems odd that Trimble should want to devote so much effort to developing something that is only ever likely to have niche appeal, and after the rather underwhelming previous attempt at parametrics with DCs. It’s ungenerous to call it flogging a dead horse, but if this forum is representative of the concerns of users worldwide, there are surely many other things they wish Trimble would pour development resources into. The elephant in the room has already been mentioned…

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It’s been quiet around Live Components on the SketchUp Forum for a while now.
I am curious if there is more news about the possibilities to develop Live Components?

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. The teams are working harder than ever though. I hope we can post a more official update on time frame in the next couple months.

That’s fantastic, looking forward to the update :smiley:

Anybody out there?

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Bryceosaurus months are longer than normal months. It’s a bit like dog years.

He will have seen your reply, and may have an update. But he might not too.


Tell us any updates on the development release of Live Components.
We’re excited to start developing Live Components in addition to Dynamic Components!

Hi all!

Thought I’d give you a bit of an update, as I am part of the team that is developing the Live Component authoring tool.

We are currently deep into our Beta testing phase of development, and gearing up to the release of the authoring tool. Our next (and final) phase of beta testing will be mid August, so if you want to be a part of this, make sure to fill out this form.

We’re really excited to finally be sharing this with you. As you know, it’s been a long time coming!



Waiting for you, the flowers also wither.


We’re sending out invites in waves so we can regulate the volume of feedback. Some of the survey submitters have already been invited.

If you’d like to be included now, please PM me with your email.


I need to give my feedback so far on Trimble Creator!

The tool is amazing!
It’s obvious that there are several points to be noted as improvements, but I’m also sure that everything is in the plans to take the functionality to the top!

I believe that an interesting point to be noted is the possibility of integrating existing materials in the SketchUp scene with the LCs.

Currently, all the features I create in DCs have parameters for exchanging and applying materials through the name of the material that is in the SketchUp Materials tray.

Users really like this way of exchanging materials and it would be very interesting to have a possibility similar to this in the LCs window (or something even better and more intuitive, of course).

And finally, I need to know how it is possible to stop creating and playing with LCs? This is really cool and addictive! Thanks!


Thanks so much for the feedback!

Materials-as-parameters are on the roadmap.

For now, Material switching via a dropdown can be authored in Creator.
Or users can simply turn the Live Component into a regular one, and apply SketchUp materials directly.


“Materials-as-parameters are on the roadmap.”
This is already very encouraging news!

I also have to say that the smart size performance is excellent!

It’s good to know that Trimble Creator will always be evolving.

Studies will continue here!

For anyone in Vancouver this week, there are two sessions (second one is a repeat) for something called Trimble Creator. That session should get everyone up to date on where we are with authoring live components!

9am Tuesday, room 202 (still has some spare seats)
1:20pm Wednesday, room 209 (session is full)

I imagine people attending will post updates after the sessions.