Aspire question?

Can someone tell me how to get Apsire to cut bot ways (conventional AND climb cut) on CNC?
As you can see from toolpath, it only cuts in one direction, then picks up tool, and returns to start before making another cut…

What are you trying to do? A pocket? Are the vectors open? It’s hard to tell just from your picture. More information needed.

I don’t think you actually mean climb & conventional at same time. Climb vs Conventional has to do with the direction the gantry is moving vs the bit. The bit always spins the same direction.

I’m basically making 4" rips of plywood with the CNC, by using a Profile “cut on vector” toopath ( vs outside or inside)…

I would like for the cutter to cut in both directions, and not lift up until it cuts through…

Hmmm. I’m not sure on that. I’ll play some and see.

If your table is large enough that you can still cut beyond your stock’s length. (Say your table is 10ft and your stock is only 8ft.) You could always extend your lines past your material, connect them with lines so your tool follows a continuous pass. I’m assuming if your are cutting all the way through anyways, it wouldn’t be a big deal to add the extra into the spoil board.

Not owning a CNC machine, I could probably do this on my table-saw in about 5 minutes. Just saying.
So are they just 4 inch rips? Or not.


Thanks Joel!
Yes, my line are 98", cutting 96" piece of ply…
I’ve notices this problem of lifting up for when cutting pockets also, so if I can get an answer this would be a big jump in efficiency… (Will look into raster for Offset vs Raster for single line option as you suggest)
Thanks again.

It’s hard to say. So many variables. Are you referring to the piece lifting on you as it cuts? Or the tool lifts and moves in between.

I know it’s hard to put into words. I’m not sure what you mean with lifting up when cutting pockets also. If you want to share a .crv example, I’ll be glad to look at it and see if I can help.

Sorry if I sounded like a jerk. Sometimes the right tool might not be the most hi-tech one.

The CNC will first create a groove (ultimately a rabbet), before sizing and freeing the part with these cuts… We also have make a bunch 'o these…
You are correct though, a tablesaw is far faster for short runs.
It also causes less swearing than a CNC…

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I’d like the cutter to go back and forth along the same line until the last pass is made (in this case 2 cuts at .25" in .5" plywood)…
It currently lifts up and returns to the same starting point before plunging to the next depth…

Maybe just do it as 3 separate tool paths, so it will do pocket 1 pass 1, pocket 1 pass 2, then jump immediately to pocket 2 pass 1 pocket 2 pass 2, then jump to 3… etc.

You won’t really lose any efficiency that way, It doesn’t exactly go home after finishing a tool path when you export multiples, it just pauses a second, calculates and continues onto the next.

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In Aspire 10 select Node editing (the ‘N” key on the keyboard), the curser will change and you will only be able to select one line at a time. Change the start point to the opposite end as the previous line. Do this with each line. image

Before creating the tool path hold the shift key and select each line one at a time starting at the bottom
When creating the toolpath open the ORDER tab (next to Ramp) check “Vector Selection Order” unselect everything else in that menu. Then open the Start AT tab and click on “Keep Current Start Points” then create toolpath.
image image image This should give you the most efficient tool path


Wow thank you!
I really appreciate it.
Thanks again!

Very valuable idea that I think is going to solve some other odd behavior Aspire has…
Thank you again for all the input!

You’re welcome. Glad to give back to the community. I’ve learned alot here, with so much more to learn!

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Here’s a weird one…
Has anyone else had this issue with Toolpaths?

This lower dado (pocket) is spec-ed at .75"…
It’s cutting at .88" (same for all 4 parts)…
The upper pocket cut fine…
Any ideas? (Yes, tool diameter is correct)


Are the upper and lower pockets being done within the same toolpath? If yes; double check the lower dado in the drawing. If no; double check ALL parameters for the toolpath operation, or just add the lower pocket into the upper pocket toolpath. As an aside you might get faster responses by joining and asking these Aspire questions on the Vectric Forum []

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Diving into the world of 3D CNC carving…
Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on re-sizing and editing (sectioning in half) STLs in Aspire?

I would like to be able to tweak models prior to carving on the CNC…
(FYI, technical difficulties logging into Vectric forum)

Aspire Tutorials Google is your friend. :wink: