Exporting for Overhead CNC router

I have designed a few pieces of furniture and looking to have them made by CNC router. The company that does it says they can’t use SU files and need either DXF or DWG. As I have never done anything like this before do I just save the SU file and export as either of these 2? Can they then open them and put it into their operating system? As the pieces will be cut from 8X4 sheets, do I lay out the pieces on a sheet, or make everything a component and use scenes etc? They charge a lot for the initial computer time set up so ideally I would prefer to do as much as possible and let them do the transfer.

I expect they’d have less work to do (and less time to charge you for) if you lay the parts out to fit onto the sheets. If the material is plywood and will remain unpainted, you will be able to decide which way the grain runs for best appearance, too.

There is software out there that can help. Look at Fabber for example.

Apologies for slow reply Dave had a few frantic days! Good point about the grain as regards the layout. I will have a look at Fabber. Thank you once again for your valued input.