Aspects missing importing dwg into Sketchup

Hi there,

I have this dwg I have extracted from a pdf and I need it to import into Sketchup Pro as detailed as possible. Unfortunately all I get when I export is the main house in the centre of the plan…

I’m using Illustrator to convert it as I dont have CAD or another program for converting it into a dwg. I have cleaned it up quite a bit already and released all the clipping masks, and made all the lines the same thickness, but still no luck

Can any one help me or tell me how I can get the whole lot in?

Thanks for readingplan 1.dwg (271.9 KB)

Does this look like what you’re seeing?

Yes… but I would like to see something like this

Well, if I open the DWG, all I see is this?

Incidentally, the screen shot is what the file looks like in illustrator before saved to a dwg. It’s something I’ve done before, and had problems before ( but has also worked lots of times). I’m trying to understand why it works sometimes and sometimes I just get a small fraction of the detail…

How about a different approach? I just gave this online converter a shot and it seemed to work ok. It could be worth a try.

thanks I’l try that tomorrow