Arroway Textures - 3D Gravel

Has anyone used the 3D gravel from Arroway Textures. It looks like it may take up a lot of memory.

I’m sure it will, especially when you have the entire collection unzipped. Might make more sense to pick and choose a few that you would use instead.

Just looked at Arroway’s site. It seems a 2 meter square of gravel has 8 million polygons. :thinking: l have used their textures for a long time. Could see the gravel models having their uses in certain situations. But you sure could blow up your model in a hurry. :see_no_evil:

Hi Dave

Thanks for the response. I was unaware that they sold the gravel separetly. Thanks for mentioning that.


Hi Tuna1957

Thanks for your response and feedback.

I saw that but wanted to double check. My computer starts to slow down no were near 8 million polygons. It looks great in the pictures, much better than displacement textures.

They do sell individual textures.

Wish I had had a newer computer. If you have a ton of RAM they would be interesting to have a play with. Would look bitchin if you were doing some up close and personal stuff. They would really “rock” :crazy_face:

what do you consider a ton of RAM

If I was going out tomorrow to buy a new machine I’d be looking for at least 64 gigs. That said my ancient iMac has 16 gigs and has served me well on the modeling side of things. That said more ram would be a good thing at times when rendering bigger and more complex models.

Anything above 32 is the optimum for 3D work, 16gb aren’t enough nowadays, specially for big files.

Thanks very much for the response.

The for the response Tuna1957. Much appreciate your advice.