Vray Render help needed please :)

Hey Everyone, I’ve attached my model below, It’s of a stage design in the woods I need to render for a project, my mac is having none of it even with an M1 Pro which is usually ok for these sort of renders, It’s due in Monday next week and need it to be as realistic as possible hence the Vray Library trees etc. also could do with it at nighttime and sunset too! If anyone would be able to help me to adjust some settings so It renders or could do a few for me would be forever in their debt. Looking to do 1080p ideally have attached it in a google drive link :slight_smile:

thanks so much

all the best les

Try purging unused components and materials from your model. There’s a lot off unused stuff in the file. Maybe your computer will be happier with the file then.

Screenshot - 5_5_2023 , 10_54_16 AM