Array existing hole

I am relatively new to sketch up. Can I array (pattern) existing holes.

Example: I have a metal post with holes at every 75mm. I want to extend the post height 2000mm and then continue the existing holes up the post at the 75mm pitch

So far I can move a hole but cannot seem to array the hole by pressing “Control” followed by the distance and number of instances

Hi Michael.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Post to be extended.skp (501.4 KB)

Thanks, I will have a look at your post later this afternoon, your assistance is greatly appreciated


Thanks for the info Jean. This still seems a quite long winded process. It seems strange that I can move a hole easily but can not hold control and copy a hole then pattern as you can with other features

I have come from a Solidworks background where this was a really straight forward process

If the post profile is a simple rectangle, reducing to 2D and re-push-pulling afterward takes seconds. Nice to use invert selection (and have it set to a hotkey), to easily select all the “non-2D-ness.”

Double-click face to highlight like so, then Invert Select and Delete.

Copy-array the holes and push-pull. Whole thing takes like 15 seconds.

If the profile is more complex, you can create a punch-out solid from copying the circle, leaving the group, paste-in-place, create a new group and open it, form a solid with push-pull, and array that. Then subtract in Solid Tools. It’s not super-fast, but.

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 12.05.06

See the Solid Tools and Groups skill-builder for further info on cutting with an array.

Hi Michael.

This is not a long process.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

As I wrote at the end this it should not take more than 2 minutes to do and, with practice, it can be done in less than 30 seconds. I just did a test and I got 40 seconds doing it at a lazy pace.

Post with holes.skp (137.6 KB)

Thanks Brian and Jean.

I obviously need to do some practice. I am so new to this program and have to turn off the solidworks way of thinking and get my head round SU

Hi again. The Metal post I am dealing with is more complex. I will attempt to upload a very rough model to demonstrate

Rough Metal Post~.skp (407.7 KB)

That is indeed more complex. There’s some non-square edges in the profile, I’m not sure if that was intentional? This seems to have led to some face-cut fails already. However, the Solid Tools + array cutters approach is even more apropros when you want to punch holes through non-square faces.

Rebuild to start. Grab the profile and move-copy it to the side, then remove it from the group with Cut + Paste-In-Place (another tool worthy of setting a hotkey).

Push the profile back up, make a new Group. Go to the original group and grab the four relevant circles, move them to the a third Group with same steps as for the profile. Here I’m grabbing the small circles after already finishing the array with the big circles.

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 15.05.47

Perform push-pull to create cutter geo. Copy it upward in array using original group geo for inference. I made the large cutters too deep in this screenshot. It is easy to correct by Scaling the entire group.

Subtract with Solid Tools.’

In parallel projection:

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You can array existing holes, you just need to remove the faces, which can be tedious manually. There are several cleanup extensions that will do it automatically for you, I favour Fixit 101 by Anton S.


Thanks “Box” I will give this a go tomorrow.

I am struggling to find “Fixit 101”

There are many useful plugins that are hosted at Sketchucation. Most of mine come from there rather than the extension warehouse, it predates the warehouse.
It is free to join the site.

Thanks Heaps

One last question on this post guys.

I have about 200 of these posts (as a component) in a large assembly

The person who originally modelled the post set the segments very high

Can I change the number of segments for all holes at once or do I have to do them one at a time. There are about 270 holes in the post

If they are all components I would just draw one new one with the appropriately segmented holes and just replace them all in a couple of clicks.
In the component browser you can right click the new one and choose Replace selected. So if you have selected all in the model it will put the new one in place.


The holes in the front have different diameters. I see one column at 24 mm and the other at 22 mm. Is this required ?

On the sides, you have 10 mm and 11 mm. Is this required ?

One of the top angle is not 90°. Is this OK ? See attached SU file.

Metal Post.skp (149.4 KB)

Thanks for your reply Jean

The metal post Is only a quick mock-up to demonstrate the intent, not the actual post I am using

I did not have access to the actual post from home this long weekend