Push/pull 300 holes in face

Is there a short trick to make 300 push/pull holes in a face ?
It’s a model for an aluminum pathway which has 300 holes in the top surface to make it lighter.

How do I achieve this?
The 300 holes in a “pattern” isn’t hard. I did this by making a component of 10 holes and then copied x-times.
It’s the push / pull that gives me a headache.

Array the holes then pushpull the background.


To illustrate what Box describes. Copy the hole first to make the array, then extrude the panel.

As @Box says, but if you’ve already drawn the circles without them being holes you could select the surface that aren’t circles then shift/drag marquee to invert selection to select the holes and delete, then PP surface.

I must have forgotten to post the gif. and my current connection means I can make coffee during the upload, including growing the beans.
Just remember, triple click shift double click delete.
You can see I screwed up the inference at the bottom, that should have been holes that aligned with the circles, but it was one endpoint off.


OK that’s clear.
However the pattern is irregular
Any chance to work with an array of components ?

So if the depth, for example, changes, I can change the smallest component and the rest follows.
Or if the shape of the holes changes …

do no if I’m clear enough

If you want real holes, I think your best bet is to do what Box showed. Your pattern is regular enough.

It looks like the ovals along the far edge aren’t on plane with the rest.

If you upload your model, we can give you more direct guidance.

Make a circle and a slot component with cutting properties and array them in two stepped lines.