Are there any groups of advanced S2015 pro users in Mesa Az

I’ve looked in all of the places I can think of to see if there might be and groups of users who get together to collaborate or just share info on S2015 Pro in Mesa-Phoenix Az

I’m in Scottsdale and jumping into SketchUp 2015 Pro with both feet. Not an advanced user yet but will be soon. Also interested in sharing with other users regardless of industry.

I have watched 50+ hours (and counting) of training videos and created drawings for different industries (disciplines). In addition I have created a Windows Speech Recognition Macro that includes the 50+ most used SketchUp commands which I continue to enhance and refine. I also purchased a Wireless SpaceMouse which when used together with the Speech Recognition Macro and regular mouse reduce keyboard usage significantly which translates to shorter time to completed drawings.

I am very interested in learning, collaborating and sharing.

Well it sounds like you are working in the right direction, sketchup is
like having a doctors degree in that there are so many fields in which to
major in. Have you spent any time with the animation side of it, or dynamic
components development. These are 2 areas that I haven’t been able to find
a tutorial that works for me (I can fully comprehend).

The only animations I have done are shadow studies from one scene to another. I created a model of a condominium (where I once lived) and used geolocation to place it at the address where it exists in the real world. Then I created 4 scenes: January 1 at noon, July 1 at noon, July 13 at 6am, July 13 at 6pm. It’s cool to watch the shadows move and even more cool to watch from inside a room as light through a window moves across walls and floors (which matches my memory). The next step is to actually create and save an animation from there.

Coincidentally I just finished watching a video from the 2014 3D Basecamp on dynamic components. It gave me some ideas. I have seen another video which was better at explaining how to create an actual dynamic component (picket fence). I am thinking of different objects to create as dynamic components for an exercise.

Your SketchUp to doctor analogy is very good. I have a list of thing I wish to create ranging from architecture to furniture, eventually leading to full rendering to model railroad layouts using the Sandbox for creating scenery terrain to aquarium designs to CNC & 3D printing .

these are a couple of the drawing that I want to create animations of, I am
trying to make it all look as if individual pieces are being assembled, but
from different angles of perspective. As you can see they are going to be
quite complex.

I am unclear if you intended to attach example files or making a simple statement. Either way, I am not to that level of animations yet so am unable to offer any direct advice. I understand what you wish to accomplish and would suggest some broad internet searches as well as specific searches in this forum, Skekucation and YouTube. You may find that depending on the complexities it may be necessary to export your work to an application like Blender to complete the animation you desire. First I think spending some time searching may provide the answers you seek.

Also this subject strays from the topic your original post, users groups in Mesa.