Hello, New 2015 Pro user


Hi, I just bought SketchUp today.
Any others here who specialize in residential design?

One thing I am curious about is the lack of good quality dynamic components in 3d warehouse is there an alternate source or is there some other reason for that?

I found Instant Roof Nui and GKWare Stairmaker that look promising any other very useful scripts?

I found a book called Architectural Design with SketchUp that looks good any recommendations for other training resources?



https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupsage/resources#TOC-Educational-Resources - scroll down and find a script section too.


Thanks that looks handy.


I suggest you consider profile builder 2
and some links


Thanks that looks like a useful tool and community.

It is nice that SketchUp provides a multi-discipline base and environment for developers but that makes getting a basic setup appropriate for architectural design specifically somewhat difficult.