Are SketchUp and SketchUcation Part of the Same Organization or Separate Entities?

Having just spent a half hour trying to follow up on a reply about MSPhysics, I’m a bit frustrated.

First, I discovered that I could not just download the plug-in, that a login at SketchUcation is required. OK! Cool! I can do that!


I tried to register for the free subscription. I could not. I got the registration page and provided all the information and answers only to be told that my username (the same one I use here) and email address were already in use. OK! I can fix that by trying to log in and reporting that I forgot my password and they will send me an email to help me. WRONG!! (Imagine the sound of a klaxon horn and flashing security lights.)

The response I got was that my email address was invalid (meaning, I inferred, that it’s not in the SketchUcation database.

I then tried to report the login problems to the site administrator as instructed onscreen only to get the response that the address - provided onscreen - did not exist.

Am I living down a rabbit hole?

Is Catch-22 controlling my access?

What do I do to overcome this conundrum?

Each are separate entities.

SketchUp and SketchUcation are definitely different organizations. SketchUp is owned by Trimble and SketchUcation is an independent forum fun by people in Ireland. They are normally pretty responsive so I would keep trying. There are many valuable plugins available through that organization.

Thank you, all!

I shall continue to try to reach SketchUcation.

I got a response from sketchUcation and had my problem referred to their site administrator. My problem is now resolved.

Apparently they have a new registration system that is somehow accessing their old database because my username and email addy were not in the new database. The site guru found an old database registration that I made years ago and forgot (my bad!). All is well now. Those folks are super responsive and easy to work with.

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I am sure that I got most of my extensions from SketchUcation that was free with the download of SketchUp & free to register. I tried my sign in & failed to enter after downloading the sketchucation.rbz New database? Their charging to re-register. It’s fine for those that actually get paid & horrible for the unemployed. The extension warehouse doesn’t even offer sectioncutface by tig as the last link in this forum downloads a .rb file that can’t be seen with Preferences/Extensions/Install. It only looks for .rbz files. I tried renaming the file extension from .rb to .rbz & the file was recognized but got a rude awakening when it told me the file wasn’t .executed! We have to congratulate Tig though, he deserved a good pay day. That much scripting does at the very least. I have to use the one in the extension warehouse, supercut.rbz it also creates scenes but might be the only way to create the section cut faces that we all need? ANY FURTHER COMMENT on this topic appreciated.

You are mistaken. There is no charge to register or re-register. Scroll down the registration page a bit and actually read what it says.

It does cost a great deal of money to keep a large site like Sketchucation running. Without some premium members helping out, you wouldn’t be able to get all the free stuff that is available there.

You’re right. It doesn’t. But there are many other extensions that aren’t available in the Extension Warehouse, either.

You didn’t install the extension correctly and you’re complaining about the extension? The correct method for installing .rbz file if you have downloaded them to your computer is to use Install Extension under Preferences>Extensions. Changing the extension to .rb is incorrect.