Are all my SketchUp models gone?

I use SketchUp Pro on my University issued laptop. I recently had to turn my laptop in for a newer model and have just downloaded SketchUp so I could continue working on my models. I’m pretty upset as I can’t seem to find my models anywhere; and it was my understanding that all models were saved in a “cloud system” through Trimble Connect. Have I been gravely mistaken? I sure hope not, but would love for any insight on this…thanks!

Here’s why I thought models were saved via Trimble Connect:

i.e. Every time you save a model – and every time SketchUp for Web auto-saves – a new version of your model called a revision, is sent to Trimble Connect. So in effect, there is a back-up file that you can always restore. This is very helpful if your model becomes corrupted, if you add geometry or components that make your model difficult to operate, or if you want to revert back to an earlier, simpler version of your model. Here’s how it works: To access revision history for a model, navigate to that model in either the Home tab (if it’s a recently accessed file) or in Trimble Connect. Open the file options menu (the three-dot icon) and click ‘History’. This will reveal a list of revisions for your file on the right side of your screen."

With SketchUp Pro, when you click on Save the file is saved locally on the computer. If you want to save to your Trimble Connect cloud storage, you would need to Publish to Trimble Connect either via File>Trimble Connect or through the Trimble Connect toolbar.
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What you quoted above is for SketchUp for Web.

That is the web based versions of SketchUp. SketchUp 2019 Pro, which your profile indicates you are using, is not part of the SketchUp for Web offerings.

Can you gain access to the old computer?

Going forward, it would be wise to save copies of your SketchUp files off the computer since you don’t own it. You should save locally and work on files that are store on the internal drive of your computer but save copies elsewhere in case you lose access to the computer.


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