Archival SketchUp Desktop downloads

As I recall, there is an archival sketchup area for downloads where desktop version is still free. I think maybe 2017 is still free.
Anybody know of this topic

There is an archival site for various old versions of Sketchup Pro but it doesn’t include SketchUp Make. You might do a Google Search for 2017 Make. You may find some non-official source. Just be aware that it’s possible it would come with some unwanted stuff, too.

This is the link for the SketchUp Pro archives.

Maybe going to the 2017 sketchup website through way back machine.

I tried that already, and It was almost a very bad decision.
Finally figured out how to get 1.21Jigowatts to get back to 2023…that was rough!

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How about updating your profile then? That information helps us help you if it’s correct.

But wait, back then installing make actually installed Pro for 31 days then activated the limitation.

wouldn’t installing Pro 2017 revert to Make 2017 in the end ? :thinking:

I got that reference :slight_smile:

2017 was different to previous versions. The Make version could become Pro if you entered a serial number, but the Pro version did not drop back to being Make. After 30 days, without a license, it would not let you start modeling.

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The way it worked was if you downloaded SketchUp Make it gave you a 30-day trial of Pro and then reverted to Make. If you downloaded SketchUp Pro is gave you a 30-day trial of Pro and then quit working unless you purchased the license.

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Well, for the time being it is working. However, there is a window pop-up that wants me to download a new version…which I ignore. One thing, is with this old version, I do not have access to 3D warehouse.
For now, it is 2017 Pro, so I’ll report back next month sometime to see if it is still working as Pro or Make, or if it is working at all.

You won’t have access to the 3D Warehouse with 2017 no matter if it’s Pro or Make. The 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported 2017 for several years.

The way it ought to work is that each version will tell you if there is an update to that version. But, sometimes it was set up to tell you there is a new major version. That may be the case with 2017.

That doesn’t shock me for a trial version. If you’re using trial, you might as well use the latest trial.

I had a look last night, and turns out several forums point to cnet.
apparently the sketchup make 2017 hosted on cnet could be a clean one. at your own risks off course.

If you had looked for a french one, someone on l’air du bois (a forum for woodworkers, OpenCutList comes from there) has both PC and mac. but french only.

Not sure how my reply got attached to Dave’s post. What I said about updates was not to do with trials. Some versions of SketchUp only seem to check for a later update of that same version, other ones seem to tell you about a major update that is available. Someone seeing that there is an update to 2017 might still be on the latest version of 2017, and in the case of Make they would want to ignore any messages about an update.