Desktop Sketchup Pro 2016

I have had the Desktop Version of Sketchup Pro 2016 since,well, 2016. I downloaded it and have been using it at no cost until today. It will no longer let me in unless I buy a license. Is there no longer a free Desktop Version? Am I looking in the wrong place.

I appreciate anyone’s effort to help out. Thank you.


The Pro editions always required a paid license.

Perhaps you were using SketchUp Make ? (… which when first installed will run a 30-day trial of Pro. After the 30-days the pro features would be grayed out and it would just run as the Make edition.)

SketchUp only supports the 3 most recent versions. So customer support is discontinued and certain online features may no longer work. For example 3D Warehouse downloads are no longer supported for SketchUp 2016 and older versions from the 3D Warehouse window. (The Components inspector panel may still be able to download 3DW models directly into v2016. Otherwise you may need to download from an external browser and manually import model files into SketchUp from your Downloads folder.)

SketchUp Make 2017 is the last free desktop version available.

The mission continues …

Ok. Thank you, Dan. I’ll try downloading 2017 desktop version.